Friday, February 26, 2010

A wonderful phone call

As anyone who has read this blog knows, I am big fan of – it has tens of thousands of shiurim/lectures online and downloadable for free. One site that the YU site has led me to is – another resource of Jewish learning, which you have to register at to download MP3s for free.

Well, last night at around 9:00 PM our phone rang and I thought it had to be someone from the States. I answered and heard someone introduce themselves and say they were from calling from Montreal – at first I didn’t really understand and then I thought that they are just looking for money and probably be put off that I am not Jewish.

Well, 30 minutes later after a really fun and engaging conversation, we concluded and agreed to stay in touch. I think we were both surprised by each other. He seemed inspired and grateful for my knowledge and respect for traditional Judaism and learning. And I loved his enthusiasm and openness to me. While we hope to keep in touch, he said he is quite busy since he has 11 children!

A lovely call.

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