Sunday, June 20, 2010

A "rule" that I found

A few years ago I was very interested in monastic rules (Carmelite, Benedictine, etc.). Today as I was moving a whole variety of texts onto my iTouch to read I found this. I know I have not lived up to it, but I can try.

A Wild Rule – The Vows

  • To be open life’s mystery
  • To experience life with awe and wonder
  • To dwell in the paradox of understanding and uncertainty
  • To bless all that life brings
  • To feel the presence in the present of the gift of God
  • To experience holiness everywhere and at all times
  • To recognize that life is simply full of meaning
  • To experience each moment as a miracle
  • To know that everything and every moment is a teacher
  • To dwell in emptiness
  • To strive to be my mission
  • To welcome messengers/angels
  • To repair the world
  • To continually yearn for God
  • To hunger for Spirit
  • To love
  • To recognize the importance of humility
  • To surrender to the need to surrender
  • To be open and ready for change
  • To continually transform
  • To bear the Cross
  • To speak meaningfully
  • To protect life
  • To speak supportively
  • To rejoice in others’ success
  • To love God with all my heart, with all my soul and all my strength
  • To study, contemplate and reflect
  • To pursue the beloved everywhere
  • To be fully truthful
  • To stop all negative thoughts
  • To be aware of the inevitability of death
  • To pray constantly
  • To practice the art of giving and taking

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GSK+ said...

Well, in my limited (if framed) experience, you do well.
& I'm reminded of Merton's great prayer:
Lord, I am so glad that the desire to please you pleases you!