Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early notes about my first volume of the Talmud

A number of years ago I was keeping a fairly regular journal and tonight when I was looking for some quotes about the Talmud, found this that made me smile. So I thought I would share it:
I just got my first volume of the Talmud in the mail yesterday -- and this tractate is about kosher and non-kosher animals at a truly "talmudic" level -- the first page of the tractate I have is about whether an animal is okay to eat if it has been born during the kosher slaughtering process. Why do I care, not being Jewish or keeping kosher? What fasicinates me is sitting with Rebbes as they discuss and struggle to understand God's intentions. Their striving and struggling is so determined, so serious, so multi-sided that it is a marvel to dwell within this atmosphere of debate and dialogue.

For them God is truly present and interested in every element and moment of life.

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