Thursday, May 15, 2008

An unlikely interview in the YU Commentator

About two weeks ago I got an email from Zev Eleff, the editor of the YU Commentator, the newspaper of Yeshiva College, wanting to know if I would be willing to do an "email" interview, because me and my blog had come up in various conversations on campus.

Needless to say I was excited. Just to know that the blog would get some exposure and more importantly that some folks were finding what I wrote interesting was great. While I am not sure if people are talking about it because of;

  • what I have been writing,
  • or that I am interested in Rabbi Rosensweig's shiur or
  • that I am not Jewish

Any of those reasons, or more are find with me. Clearly a goal of the blog is to feel like I am in dialogue with others (even if there are few comments) and the interview is a great opportunity to extend that dialogue.

The interview, which is entitled, "An Unlikely Shiur Guest" was published on May 12 and I hope captures my respect and enthusiasm for the work of Rabbi Rosensweig and the YUTorah site in general.

Click here to read the interview.


Chana said...

This was a fascinating interview! Thanks so much for doing it; I found it really interesting!

eLamdan said...

I just saw this interview. Unbelievable! Always nice to find another talmudic blogger!

Jeff Wild said...

Dear Chana and elamden,

Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hello" -- I look forward to exploring your blogs.