Sunday, January 06, 2008

Why I write this blog

As should be clear to anyone spending time on this blog, I have a deep interest in Orthodox Judaism and its teachings, even though I am not part of the tradition. On various pages I have tried to explain my attraction, my interest and hopefully I have offered some insight.

I think that at the heart of my writing are three intentions:
  1. To capture and express insights and ideas -- Often in my readings and listenings I am struck by something that moves me so much that I want to share it with others. This blog gives me that opportunity to share some of those insights with a broader audience, who may find some light and inspiration from them as well.
  2. Expand the message -- I truly feel that Modern Orthodoxy has valuable and inspirational insights not just relevant for Orthodox Jews or even non-observant Jews, but for all people, and especially for all spiritual seekers of meaning and purpose. This type of "universal" message is something that I first found in the writings and shiurim of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik and just recently in Chofetz Chaim's writings on lashon hora. True, at times it takes translating and expanding of "Jew" to "person," which the writers might object to. But I believe that if it helps me and hopefully others lead more respectful, more peaceful, more God-fearing lives, then I think it is a worthwhile expansion.
  3. To find a study partner -- while in various locations within the Talmud have read a number of warnings about studying by oneself, sadly at this point that is what I have been doing. Luckily, I have the amazing resources that are present online and in book form, but I would enjoy being able to discuss and study with one or more individuals. As more people come to the blog, perhaps one or two might be interested in studying with me, for example someone from Rabbi Rosensweig's shiur (though I know I am like a kindergarten student in comparison). I know that I would be an unusual partner, but one never knows what could come of it. If you are interested please leave a comment or email me.

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